Why Nursing Coursework is Now a Thing of the Past

Many nursing schools vie for school-based lessons three out of four years that you spend in university. It has been the standard for many years, but many schools these days increasingly divide the curriculum into formal and practical training. And this is a good thing because nursing expertise comes with experience. Books can only do so much with training, and so to be exposed to hospital work as a student can provide strong foundations for your future career.

The old curriculum includes the following subjects: zoology, chemistry, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, health care, health economics, pharmacology, foundational subjects, nursing care, community health development, rehabilitation, nursing management, and a whole other generalist topics.

The new curriculum includes many practical courses before absent in many nursing schools.

New subjects include:

– Nursing practice lecture and clinical practice
– Nursing management of adults with acute/chronic health problems lecture and clinical practice
– Nutrition for clinical practice
– Nursing care of mothers, newborns, and families lecture and clinical practice
– Nursing care of children and families lecture and clinical practice
– Mental health nursing care lecture and clinical practice
– Nursing care of older adults lecture and clinical practice
– Advanced clinical problem-solving lecture and clinical practice
– Community health nursing lecture and practice

As you will see, there is a stark difference between the old and new curriculum, with the latter focusing on practice rather than lectures.

Why was there a move into a practical form of nursing study?

Employers like Be A School Nurse are now looking for those with more experience.

First off, companies are now looking for more clinical training. The more you have of it, the better your chances are of getting hired. Hospitals and clinics do not care anymore if you have bachelors, masters, and even Ph.D. degrees if you have zero experience. Unless you want to get into teaching, getting as much expertise in a hospital setting can be highly advantageous for your career.

Coursework is limiting

Every person operates differently, and the treatment that works for one cannot always work for another person. Diseases also manifest differently, so people may be showing all the classic symptoms, while another may show wholly different signs. You don’t see those differences on books; only through experience. So, as a nurse, you should be exposed to that diversity. Burying yourself into reading so many books can only help to a small extent because when brought to real-life practice, you have not developed the same “finesse” as compared to someone who has been exposed to clinical practice.

Books, if anything, should only guide you. They should not limit you as to what you want to do and learn. Books, unfortunately, also have the bad habit of giving you the “right” and “wrong” ways of doing things without room for doubt. Experience, on the other hand, puts you on your feet and gives you the ability to grow from every case no matter how unique and challenging it is.

There is every reason why employers are now looking for potential nursing professionals with relevant work experience, may it be paid or unpaid. Coursework alone cannot save lives; experience does, and the more you have of it, the better you get with your work. If you are a nursing student, consider doing volunteer, internship, or paid employment that can give you clinical experience. Through this way, you are ensured of a good career path that can have employers swooning over your skills.…

Women’s interest – many and feminine

Lifestyle magazines and websites have made a woman’s world more interesting and exciting. The truth is that women’s interest and desires span the full range of masculinity. Some interest of women does not need much skill or work but there are others that require more effort. Some are harder to pick up in life but none are impossible to achieve. Women used to lead much closed lives but things have changed for the better. Now the television, video, you tube have broadened their outlook of life. Let us now do a dissection of women’s interest passion or hobby

25Knitting and Crochet: There is no girl that grows up to be a woman who has not shown interest in Knitting and Crochet. Since childhood every grandmother, aunt and mother or friends have taught their children or grand children about the same. It is a wonderful world made of color and intricate designs. The more creative one is the greater is the final result. The market is flooded with books, magazines giving a whole lot of information and future designs. Even ready made designs are available in the market which needs to be filled in.

woman-singingSinging: Songs sung by women sound more soothing to the listener. Most men adore a soft feminine voice. Singing is most definitely a feminine hobby and it can bring out the full energy o a woman. One normally starts from home and most commonly from the wash room. One can hum under one’s breath when things are under stress.

Horse-riding-Horse riding: This is a sport that brings women closer to nature. It can be done alone or with friends and family. It is a great way to spend the week end and horses are beautiful creatures. There are plenty of places for trail riding or even beach riding as maintaining a horse is a costly proposition. If one has never ridden a horse before then it is the right time to start on one.

blogging_margoBlogging:  Writing has always been a woman’s hobby. It may begin by maintaining a personal diary to record the day’s events or the ups and downs of life. Blogging is a wonderful way to express one’s self and to share one passion and knowledge with other friends. One can use blog to update your family, friends and colleagues about one’s life. Parents love to read their children’s blogs. All in all blogging is a great hobby or passion for women.

PAINTPainting or drawing:  This is the most fantastic way to unleash one’s talent and creativity. Painting or drawing gives the woman such immense self satisfaction that just cannot be fathomed. Classes for Painting or drawing can really help to hone your skills. Drawing as a hobby will definitely cost less than painting. You can also get some art pencils and doodle around in your free time.

0fa3697af4fac6ab82115c18dfb0d8d1Toasters or Public Speaking: There is an international no profit organization called Toasters which is already available in over a hundred and six countries. Public speaking is a great hobby for women who like to increase their influence and show their talent. However one should be knowledgeable and passionate about this interest.